2022 revenue: $10.1 million

Elevate Healthcare has never not been known for its inventive creative work. Since its debut in 2015, the agency has devised any number of campaigns that are at once scientifically informed and, well, beautiful.

“Exciting creative work backed by strategy, done with people we care about” is how Elevate managing partner Frank Powers succinctly characterizes the agency’s overarching ethos.

2022 saw Elevate return to new offices and reimagined corporate branding that urges existing and would-be clients to “Rise above. See beyond.” The effort unfolded over eight months and was informed by nearly eight years of client work.

“The goal was to create a creative framework for people to self-identify with,” Powers explains. “It’s hopeful but also a bit more forward-thinking compared to where we’ve been in the past, which was, ‘Hey, look at us!’”

Even as the company thrived during 2022, Powers and fellow managing partner Lorna Weir didn’t rest on their laurels, devoting plenty of time and thought to everything that lay ahead.

“I don’t ever want to lose what drives us, which is personalization and passion to do great work,” Weir explains. “But things are moving so quickly. Ensuring that we understand and are expert in platforms in which client brands will communicate most effectively — that’s where the push will always be.” 

Don’t expect too much change, however. Powers and Weir say they’re comfortable with Elevate’s current staffing level of 50-plus full-timers. They regard the prospect of growth for growth’s sake with something approaching disdain.

“When you get north of where we are, it creates different kinds of problems,” Powers says. “Right now, we’re Goldilocks: not too big, not too small, just right. We like where we sit.”

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