Minority outreach pairs docs, clergy

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A triumvirate of companies is seeking pharma sponsors for a disease awareness campaign centered on Black churches.

The campaign, called the Minority Outreach Initiative and run by Healthy National Network, Roska Healthcare Advertising and Impact Health, would stage or promote health screenings at Black churches, with a focus on chronic diseases that impact African Americans disproportionately: diabetes, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease,   HIV/Aids and asthma. The effort would connect Black pastors and faith-based organizations with key physician opinion leaders in their communities, educating doctors, clergy and their parishoners alike on disease states.

Those testing as at-risk for a disease would receive on-the-spot counseling, with the option to set up a doctor’s appointment then and there and to enroll in relationship marketing programs. 

“It’s really convenient on a Sunday, when most people are there for services anyway,” says David Comey, founder and managing director of HNN.

The unbranded campaign would be promoted through the National Medical Association, an organization of Black physicians. “What we’re trying to do is to connect the dots,” says Jay Bolling, president of Roska. “Access in many of these communities is really fractured.” 
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