Time Inc.'s Health.com partners with RightHealth.com

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Time Inc.'s Health.com and RightHealth.com, a Kosmix health property, partnered to create Health.com Integrated Solutions, an expansion of Health.com slated for launch in 2010.

Health.com, the online face of Time's Health magazine, launched in 2008 and features medical information and healthy lifestyle content, a balance reflected in its advertising clients, according to John Brown, president of Time's health franchise. Brown said the company is “not building a network” à la WebMD or Everyday Health, and will remain focused on its signature journalistic content.

Through the partnership, RightHealth.com will provide Health.com Integrated Solutions with a larger audience, while retaining its independent property outside of the partnership, according to Jodi Olson, director of corporate communications at Kosmix and RightHealth. Olson said the scale of RightHealth's audience and its personalization capabilities for consumers were both important attributes in the deal. RightHealth.com is organized into health topics ranging from specific medical conditions like ADHD or diabetes, to more general topics like pregnancy or weight loss.
Users of RightHealth.com can customize the homepage by dragging informational items around, and can also click on a given topic to access content in aggregate, much like an advanced search query. The combination of Health.com and RightHealth.com will bring Health.com Integrated Solutions to over seven million monthly unique users, according to company statement.

Brown couldn't discuss specific capabilities or products to be provided by the new entity, but said any new offerings will reflect “a knowledge of what consumers and clients want in the marketplace.” Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
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