Five things for pharma marketers to know: Thursday, January 7, 2016

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1. A lawsuit was filed against FitBit over allegations that its heart-monitoring devices are inaccurate.The lawsuit also accuses the company of false advertising. Fitbit, which released its first smartwatch at CES this year, defended its products and said the case has no merit. (Bloomberg Business)

2. HIV company ViiV Healthcare said it will collaborate with Janssen to develop a long-acting injectable regimen for the treatment of HIV-1 infection.

3. Guardant Health raised almost $100 million to expand use of cancer blood tests that replace older invasive procedures that screen for cancer DNA. Investors include OrbiMed, Khosla, Sequoia and Formation. (Bloomberg Business)

4. Valeant appointed its former CFO Howard Schiller as interim CEO. J. Michael Pearson remains in the hospital with severe pneumonia. (NYT)

5. L'Oreal this week at CES unveiled a super-thin smart skin patch that monitors UV exposure. (Fortune)

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