Purdue's Point of No Return

Purdue Pharma's decision to pull its OxyContin sales reps out of doctor's offices highlights what has for years been the biggest part of healthcare marketing budgets. Did we just witness the tipping point?

MM&M's Data Week: Demystifying one of pharma's biggest pain points

It was at an MM&M event back in late 2013 that I got my first glimpse of how this industry feels about big data.

CVS/Aetna Combo a Formidable Pharma Rival When it Comes to Access

The combined company wields greater power to disrupt brand profits.

First 'Digital Drug' Faces a Second Litmus Test: Improving Adherence

Technology like this could expand further to form better collaborations between pharma, payers and organized providers.

Memo to New CEOs: Prioritize Diversity

Management turnover has brought the opportunity to keep up the pressure.

Snubbing Intolerance: Frazier's Path Was Disengagement

Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier's exit from a presidential manufacturing council may go down as one of the most principled stands by the CEO of a major U.S. company, let alone a drugmaker.

Gender Parity: A Known Quantity That's Being Ignored

Our goal is to make gender parity a priority, and to keep our spotlight trained on it.

Agencies, Get Ready for a Dose of Clarity

Welcome to what may be the most comprehensive MM&M Agency Top 100 ever.

Keep Calm and Sell Drugs: Your New Daily Affirmation?

To be sure, anything borrowing from the well-known "Keep Calm" genre should not be construed as advice. The doctor is definitely not in.

40 Different Ways to Reshape Healthcare

Healthcare's collision with lower-cost genetic sequencing, mobile tech, AI, and consumerization will transform the trajectory of how we live for the next 10 years.