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GCG Marketing and Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation
CNCF Campaign

“If these ads don't tug at your heart, you might not have one,” one judge said of this campaign, which aimed to raise awareness of neuroblastoma, a fatal childhood cancer, and generate donations to the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation (CNCF).

The ads use beautiful photos of children and compelling headlines, such as “Neuro-blas-toma. For many kids diagnosed, they won't live long enough to pronounce the damn word,” to get the message across. Another headline reads: “Other than hearing loss due to eight rounds of chemo and 16 consecutive days of radiation, she's like any other five-year-old who doesn't listen.” Copy summarizes the disease and calls viewers to donate.

“At first glance, this is a heart-tugging baby faces campaign, but then the headlines kick you right in the gut,” said one judge. “There's a wonderful, compelling juxtaposition. Unexpected.”

Another judge called the ads “very effectively” executed, adding that “the close-ups of the children and the dramatic tone, plus the somewhat edgy tone to the copy, make it impossible to ignore.”

Neuroblastoma is a relatively unknown disease, and in addition to raising money for research, CNCF also provides comfort and support to families affected by the disease. The agency targeted mothers ages 35-53 with an income over $100,000 because research revealed that men tend to give women nonprofit spending discretion.

The agency reports the campaign has raised nearly $3 million and awareness levels have increased “dramatically.”

Torre Lazur McCann and Johnson & Johnson
“Enjjoy” Ad

Judges loved Torre Lazur McCann's one-word ad that was designed to congratulate client J&J for its “All-Star Company of the Year” award from MM&M, as well as its ongoing achievements. The ad reads: “Enjjoy” with the j's highlighted in red while the other letters are grey. “This was a great way to incorporate J&J's trademark phrase into a simple, clean message,” noted one judge. The agency reports the ad generated “significant positive attention from J&J” and set Torre Lazur McCann apart from other agencies.

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