Best Corporate Marketing Campaign

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Best Corporate Marketing Campaign
Best Corporate Marketing Campaign

Recognizes excellence for a print advertisement/campaign, website (, video or other communications channel used to promote a corporate client.

GSW Worldwide and Eli Lilly

Lilly Oncology “The Moment Video”

This moving and beautifully shot short film powerfully fulfills its objective of reminding the Lily Oncology sales force and oncologists of exactly why their work matters.

Compelling, simple, emotional, raw—it's very engaging,” said one judge.

The film follows an elderly man to an oncologist's office where, though no words are spoken, it's clear that he learns he has cancer. A close up of man's face is shown before a voiceover proclaims: “This is our motivation. And this is our mission.” Incorporated are the written lines: “Changing the World of Cancer Care,” and “Lilly Oncology Making Science Personal.”

“Powerful and poignant,” said a second judge.

“Great suspense,” noted a third judge. “It's very powerful to literally walk in the patient's shoes.”

The film was shown at Lilly's national sales meeting and at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology  (ASCO) in 2011.

“The reason everyone at Lilly Oncology does what they do is to help those who are affected by cancer,” the agency said. “To remind our audience of this, we chose to focus on the one thing all cancer patients have in common: that devastating moment when they receive their diagnosis. The moment where Lilly Oncology can take action.”

Since its debut, film has been shown at sales conferences, oncology trade shows and other events. The agency reported that, given positive results, five additional videos focusing on the impact patients' face during each phase of the cancer journey have been created.

The CementBloc and The Coore Foundation


The nonprofit Girls Right of Way (GROW) give children in developing countries gently worn shoes. The GROW Sole campaign, which included ads, guerilla efforts and social media tactics, delivered the message that donating shoes is a “soleful” act.

All judges were impressed by integration and consistency.

“Excellent use of modern media,” said one judge.  “Beautifully orchestrated concept,” said a second.

More than 700 pairs were donated, and the project is now launching worldwide.

The Finalists

• CAHG and Merck—Merck Infectious Disease Video

• GSW Worldwide and Eli Lilly—Lilly Oncology “The Moment Video”

• ICC Lowe and Roberto's Kids—Stitches

• Star Group Communications and Saint Clare's Health System—A Mission Brought to Life: Saint Clare's 24/7

• The CementBloc and The -Coore Foundation—GROW Sole

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