Best Disease/Education Website

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Best Disease/Education Website
Best Disease/Education Website

Recognizes excellence for websites promoting education about specific disease states ( or health issues (

Ignite Health and Vertex ­Pharmaceuticals

This team, which included Ignite Health and representatives from agencies across multiple disciplines, built Vertex Pharmaceuticals' hepatitis C site on a $350,000 budget. In just two weeks following its March 15, 2011 launch, Omniture data revealed the site had garnered 276,843 page views; 58,358 visits; and 95 registrations.

“This creative website leverages great graphics and interactivity to drive condition awareness and activity,” said one judge.

The website targets patients, their friends and family—anyone who feels at risk, as well as HCPs. The objective: create an engaging destination to educate and raise awareness of the of the disease and treatments, and support patients.

The site guides visitors through treatment readiness stages and is structured to give detailed information based on how users self-select their location on a treatment continuum.

“Using key representations of target audiences, we created a concept that showcased where they are now and where they used to be, emphasizing that times have changed,” Ignite explained.

Viewers can rate pages, and additional content recommendations appear on each page. A second judge “loved the use of ratings to drive recommended viewing” and added that the team employed “smart, easy use of social that other pharma marketers can learn from.”

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and Abbott Laboratories

Judges thought Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness did an outstanding job conveying the emotions of psoriasis patients in Abbott Laboratories' “The site draws out the emotional impact of psoriasis and provides information and hope,” said one judge. “Very engaging,” said another. “Well-organized information.” The agency reported Google Analytics data revealed that from the January 2011 launch to the week of May 2, more than 6,400 registrations had been recorded:  an overall registration rate of 6.7%. 


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