Best Healthcare Consumer Media Brand

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Best Healthcare Consumer Media Brand
Best Healthcare Consumer Media Brand
LifeMed Media

dLife set out to become the largest, most robust and most trusted consumer diabetes lifestyle brand available. Judges agreed that it was certainly the best in class consumer healthcare brand this year.
“The place to go for all diabetes needs,” said one judge. “The tagline says it all: ‘For Your Diabetes Life.'”

“Well done,” noted another judge. “Content is designed to educate on the entire disease.” is the brand's cornerstone, and it's been wildly successful. Monthly traffic exceeds one million visitors. (The site has experienced 300% growth since its 2005 launch.)

Revenue has also skyrocketed 65% over the last year, and it's continuing on that trajectory.

One of dLife's main goals is to empower people with diabetes to improve self-management skills. User comments indicate that it's been enormously successful. For example, one user was hospitalized 26 times in 2006 before he found dLife. The site has helped him cut his A1C levels nearly in half, lose 105 pounds and he hasn't been hospitalized since then.

One judge commented on dLife's ability to help patients feel “connected, assisted and supported.”

Indeed, dLife has a very robust community. The site's Facebook-like pages and forums have attracted nearly 100,000 members. In addition to peer-to-peer resources, users also have access to more than 40 diabetes experts and healthcare professionals.

Other resources include 80,000+ pages of original content each month; 400+ videos on dLife TV; 9,500+ diabetes friendly recipes; and nutritional information on 25,000 foods and ingredients. The site also provides access to 12 leading bloggers who cover a variety of diabetes angles, and a store that includes specialty diabetes products.
“Wonderfully informative blend of clinical information and reassuring community,” noted one judge.

Smart + Strong
POZ and POZ magazine were created for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDs. One judge called the brand “the benchmark for all single disease information centers.” Another said it “sets the standard for communicating disease specific content, connecting users, and [providing] a vast multitude of professional and social resources.”  
POZ's audience is 70% of the estimated 1.2 million people (US) living with HIV/AIDS. attracts 300,000+ unique visitors and 4.5 million+ page views monthly.

The Finalists
  • dLife
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Patient Resource Cancer Guide
  • POZ
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