Best Healthcare Publication of the Year

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MDNG impressed the judges with its presentation and focused editorial. MDNG is published in 10 editions including separate editions for oncologists and oncology nurses.

They feature a unique and contemporary voice, style and look that are in sync with the technology-driven evolution of medicine. MDNG explores healthcare information technology, computers and other hardware and the medical internet, covering essential issues and tools from the practical to the sophisticated and the impact they have on the professional and personal life of the physician.

One judge commented: “Nice, clean design, editorial stays true to the link with technology,” Another said: “Interesting way of gathering online resources in an offline forum.”  Yet another judge commented that MDNG is “unique, easy to read with relevant content and the best linkage of print and the web.”

Connecting more than 200,000 physicians and specialists to current and emerging healthcare technology trends, hundreds of online resources, and the latest breakthroughs affecting their medical practice, the MDNG series of publications and custom publishing products offer the best healthcare and technology news and information for physicians, patients and caregivers.

MDNG helps physicians keep pace with an increasingly technology- driven healthcare environment by publishing feature articles about the must-have technologies and applications that are becoming an integral part of modern practice.

MDNG provides this information in an easy-to-read format designed with the busy physician in mind.

Among the key features: comprehensive directories of top websites and online resources for physicians and patients; built-in credibility and reader recognition; and in-depth content that cover the latest developments in the world of healthcare.

MDNG also addresses the “culture of being a physician” and engages readers on a personal as well and professional level.         


Pharmacy Times

Pharmacy Times won over the judges with its dedication to providing pharmacists with practical, authoritative information that can be used in everyday practice. Reaching 162,000 pharmacists, Pharmacy Times advertising and market share has increased more than 35%. Its emphasis on providing “practical information” for the pharmacist is the guiding principle that is reflected in every article. One judge said it was a “comprehensive resource for pharmacists.” Another judge said the publication had “good, broad content that is easy to read.”

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