Best Over-the-Counter Product Advertisement/Campaign

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Best Over-the-Counter Product Advertisement/Campaign
Best Over-the-Counter Product Advertisement/Campaign

Promotes and recognizes the best print ad or TV spot, or campaign, for over-the-counter medication, medical products or services in either business or consumer press.

AbelsonTaylor and Abbott Nutrition
You Are What You Eat

PediaSure SideKicks lets mothers focus on their children's health on and off the soccer field. The eight-ounce bottles are recommended for children, who could use help fulfilling their nutrition requirements.

SideKicks play a supporting role to headliner PediaSure, the nutrition formula. The agency was charged with growing their offering for SideKicks while minimizing detraction from the PediaSure business. They created the “You Are What You Eat” campaign, with depictions of kids assuming the look of what they've recently consumed. The idea was to target mothers who are not constantly at the frontlines with their children, desperately trying to help them maintain a healthy diet, but just need a convenient alternative to empty calories.

The judges liked the far-reaching and precise language: “Engaging, witty, clear message.” The tag­line's brevity hits squarely on mom's desire to get their children eating a balanced diet, with a kid-friendly frame all ages can appreciate. “Literal depiction of the fries and doughnut make the message loud and clear.”

The soccer field is a centerpiece for the overall message: Poor eating habits are not only frowned upon by mom, but can also detract from their child's ability to perform. “The reality of poor diets plays out effectively on those soccer fields,” said one judge, “Great work.”

AbelsonTaylor and Abbott Nutrition

In the effort to allow those affected by diabetes to maintain their active lifestyles, AbelsonTaylor has a solution: Balance, a campaign for Glucerna, by Abbott Nutrition. Their TV advertisement shows a busy mom with her family trying to maintain equilibrium amidst a rocking kitchen, providing a literal depiction of the unbalanced life often precipitated by diabetes. And as one judge pointed out: “You captured the experiences across America's kitchens and tied it effectively to product benefits. How can moms say no?”


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