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Ogilvy Healthworld and Allergan
2009 Sanctura XR Passport

Allergan made great use of customer insights and attention-grabbing design with this professional sales aid for Sanctura XR, offering docs the promise of helping patients with overactive bladder move about more freely. Aimed at urologists and OB/GYNs as well as primary care physicians, the sales aid's passport theme alludes to the way in which the disease hinders sufferers' movements outside the home, forcing them to limit their activities for fear of accidents and to cope through “bathroom mapping,” scoping out restroom locations before leaving the house. Physicians have found the pharmacopeia to be tricky, forcing them to make big trade-offs of safety and tolerability for efficacy.

With its bold design and straightforward messaging by Ogilvy Healthworld, the 2009 Passport campaign was intended to bust through the clutter and re-engage physicians, communicating the message that Sanctura XR delivers efficacy along with safety and tolerability to treat a disease affecting an estimated 10%-15% of adult women. The sales aid, clad in a Sanctura XR-orange “leatheret” textured cover embossed with a gold foil seal, urges docs to “take your patients to great destinations” with the drug, driving home the safety-tolerability-efficacy message with repeated visual elements including stamps and tabs while stressing 24 hour, night-and-day coverage, minimal CNS side effects and a low incidence of dry mouth in the copy. The travel motif effectively imparts the drug's potential to liberate patients from becoming shut-ins or obsessing over restroom locations before setting out on even mundane errands. Looks like Allergan got their money's worth for this standout, yet reasonably priced, sales aid.

Reps love it. Physicians have responded to it. So did our judges, one of whom praised the sales aid for its unique creative and clarity of theme.  Judges agreed that this low-budget, multichannel, highly targeted campaign was “refreshing.”

KFDunn Life Sciences and B. Braun Medical
B. Braun Introcan Sharps Container

An eye-catching sharps box-shaped professional sales aid from B. Braun Medical stuck with the judges. The sales aid, aimed at infection control practitioners to persuade them that the only way to guard against needlestick injuries and ensure that needle tips are protected is to use an automatic device like B. Braun Medical's Introcan Safety IV Catheter. The piece, by KFDunn Life Sciences, asks: “Think your safety devices are being activated? Think again.” Judges praised its “simple but compelling visual” and “innovative design.” 

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