Best Use of Direct Marketing to Healthcare Professionals

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Best Use of Direct Marketing to Healthcare Professionals
Best Use of Direct Marketing to Healthcare Professionals
Pacific Communications and Allergan
Spring Direct Mail Campaign

Severe underarm sweating is embarrassing and challenging for sufferers, and Allergan's Botox can help.
This campaign gave dermatologists tools to communicate to patients that if the condition isn't adequately managed by topical medicines, it's a medical condition that can be treated.

The objective was to help doctors encourage patients to discuss different treatment options. Materials included a counter card, tent card, brochures, severity rating scale tear-off sheets and a fax-back order form for requesting additional materials.

“Best piece in the category,” said one judge. “Well thought out and hyper targeted.”

Another judge praised the brochures for being easy to understand and the box design for its appeal, neat packaging, and ease of use.

“Well-executed program,” commented a third judge.

The campaign launched in spring, as temperatures begin to climb and sweating becomes more prevalent. The overall creative strategy was two-fold. The agency needed to motivate healthcare professionals to use the direct mail materials to discuss treatment options with patients, and to create materials that connected with patients. The agency said that acknowledging coping mechanisms, such as hiding, helped to encourage patient/doctor discussion during office visits.

Creative for the stand-alone tent card was developed-based research that showed attending important events, such as weddings, caused significant levels of stress for sufferers of severe underarm sweating. The card specifically addressed brides, bridesmaids and wedding guests and urged them to take immediate action so that underarm sweating would not pose a problem for them on the “big day.”

As of mid-March, the agency reported more than 10% of doctors' offices had returned the fax-back forms requesting additional materials.

The ad really resonated with the category's judges. “Solid creative. Solid facts,” noted one judge.

The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks and Abbott Laboratories
Simply Synthroid

Synthroid is a 50-year-old hypothyroidism drug with 29% market share after four years of generic competition. This targeted effort reinvigorated the brand. Judges called it “smart” and “robust.” Materials included a CD—summarizing state-specific, no substitutions language—and magazines for patients. “Very complete…good for doctors and patients,” noted one judge. Results include 81% of physicians reporting prescribing preference for Synthroid. Based on its success, the campaign will continue and expand into online engagement.

The Finalists
  • Ferguson, part of CommonHealth, and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Healthcare—Flossology
  • Pacific Communications and Allergan—Spring Direct MailCampaign
  • Pacific Communications and Allergan—Are You Getting What You Asked For?
  • Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Innovations and Sanofi Pasteur—Pentacel Vaccine Celebrate Scrapbook
  • The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks and Abbott Laboratories—Simply Synthroid
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