Certified CME provider: Scienta Healthcare Education

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Company Profile 
Scienta Healthcare Education®, an ACCME-accredited medical education company since 1997, is dedicated to the development and dissemination of CME. Through innovative approaches to educational design, delivery, and outcomes measurement, Scienta evolves CME to be more dynamic and relevant. Scienta is committed to the continuous quality improvement of CME and the practice of medicine. 

In December 2007, Scienta received ACCME Accreditation With Commendation. The company was found to be exemplary in the areas of organizational framework, utilization of needs assessments, and overall CME program improvement. 

Scienta identifies clinical gaps in physician competence and performance and provides evidence-based learning opportunities to fill those gaps. Scienta incorporates level 3 (learning) or 4 (performance) outcomes measurement in every activity it certifies. For educational activities targeted to specialist audiences, Scienta has established expertise and credibility in delivering content in a core group of clinical areas, including gastroenterology, hematology, infectious diseases, neurology, and pulmonology. 

Scienta also provides robust educational offerings for primary care physicians and is a CE provider for other healthcare professionals (pharmacists, nurses, and physician extenders) through collaboration with professional societies and accredited bodies. 

Services and Offerings 
Our skilled CME professionals have a passion for delivering education that meets important educational needs, adheres to sound instructional-design principles, and provides measurable improvements in healthcare. To accomplish these goals, we collaborate with an educational planning committee to direct each program. Content is peer reviewed by independent faculty skilled in the relevant therapeutic area. Scienta conducts literature, clinical-guidelines, and content validity reviews with oversight by its medical director.

Scienta Healthcare Education® is highly skilled in providing directly sponsored live activites and enduring materials as well as jointly sponsored activities with other medical education providers.

Innovations in CME 
In addition to its full range of standard services, Scienta is proud to offer the following innovations in CME delivery:
  • Founding of Issues in Neurology, a proprietary educational network that provides activities designed specifically for physicians who practice in the field of neurology. These programs provide evidence-based CME presented by recognized neurology experts through web-based activities and other educational formats
  • Provision of up-to-the-minute certified education via presentation and poster summaries from major scientific meetings, delivered within weeks of original data presentation in a variety of formats
  • Establishing relationships with collaborative partners to provide education about relevant therapeutic areas to primary care providers, including family practitioners, physician assistants and nurse practitioners at their statewide or regional meetings
  • Strategically planned core content development to maximize impact of integrated educational interventions, ensuring cost-effective adaptation of content across multiple formats and dynamic fulfillment of educational needs
  • Pioneering of innovative performance improvement initiatives as educational-outcomes measures
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