How to Win an MM&M Award

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How to Win an MM&M Award
How to Win an MM&M Award
Last October, several hundred healthcare marketing and media executives flocked to New York's decadent Cipriani 42nd Street to celebrate some of the industry's finest work with its brightest stars. It was an exciting evening as the MM&M Awards winners were announced for the first time and called to the stage, one by one, to take the plaudits of their peers.
Winning an MM&M Award means that the work you have produced is of such a high standard in terms of its creativity and effectiveness that our independent judging panel—around 45 of the industry's finest leaders and thinkers—deems it to be the best in its class.
But, of course, you do have to enter in the first place.
To help you beat your peers to the podium, we have spotlighted here three of last year's gold-winning campaigns and looked at why each one triumphed in its category. While each of these submissions has a strong digital focus, the principles of winning apply equally to all entries across the 23 categories: creativity and effectiveness, along with a well put-together submission that clearly states the results.
And to help you further, we have compiled some basic Dos and Don'ts to consider when you are entering. Most of these points may seem obvious, but we all know how scarce time is and how quickly these deadlines loom—so make sure you give yourself and your work the best chance of tasting glory.

Best Disease/Education Website
Digitas Health and MedImmune
Good to Share

What they did:
The campaign targeted parents of kids aged 2-18 to provide fun, engaging and valuable educational information about the flu and vaccination options. Developed the concept “Good to Share” to celebrate things that kids like to share—food, toys, etc.—and provided information on how to do this safely, along with an interactive flu tracker map for users.

Why it won:
A novel concept with great execution. The site garnered more than 187,000 visits during peak flu season with a 70% interaction rate; 41% engaged with videos and 6% downloaded content. Provoked a “thank you” letter from the CDC.

What the judges said:
  • “Fun, creative, on target, interactive and multidimensional.”
  • “This site does a great job of educating.”

Best Online Patient Relationship/Support Program
Klick Pharma and Allergan
My Lap-Band Journey Patient Support program

What they did:

Developed a program to provide prospective and existing patients with credible branded information and support about Lap-Band, before, during and after weight-loss surgery.

Why it won:
The site was extremely well designed, with a wealth of information, but without being overwhelming for users. The combination of tools, such as a weight-loss tracker, journal and “mood monitor” made it a comprehensive program that was extremely user-friendly

What the judges said:
  • “A comprehensive experience for patients in a format that feels patient-friendly and supportive.”
  • “Definitive, comprehensive, visually appealing—it's what every online support program should strive to achieve.”

Best Total Integration Program for Large Companies
Gallo and Medtronic Diabetes
Connect the Dots

What they did:

Developed a program targeting physicians – via mailings, sales reps and a private website – to increase the use of Medtronic Diabetes' iPro Continuous Glucose Monitor among patients. Specifically focused on educating doctors about reimbursement and report interpretation, and to establish best practices and standardization in doctors' offices. The overall objective was to

Why it won:
The integration, focus and execution of the campaign were impressive, as were the results: in just nine months, iPro use among program participants increased from 3.5% to 20.6%.

What the judges said:
  • “A multifaceted and well-integrated program with good results.”
  • “Smart idea, well executed, pulled through a varied complement of initiatives.”

Increasing your Chances
enter in the first place. As obvious as it sounds, you really do have to be in it to win it. And the deadline (May 13, 2011) will come around before you know it.

DO abide by the rules. General entry rules and specific category requirements can be found in the Entry Kit which you can download from

DO keep your summary short, sweet and results-focused. Our judges appreciate thoughtful, impactful entries that show results. This year, our online entry form is more structured and even easier to complete.

DO submit marketing budgets and ROI data where appropriate. If you really want to stand out, particularly in the more strategic categories, then you've got to prove to the judges that you moved the needle. (Don't worry, we won't publish this data if you ask us not to.)

DO assemble your supporting materials wisely. Last year, we received around 700 entries. This year, we could get even more. Be selective with your supporting materials. Don't send us everything you have or you risk overwhelming our judges.

DON'T assume the awards are only for the big companies and brands. Size really doesn't matter to our judges; small, nimble agencies and lesser-known brands have often beaten out the big boys in years past.

DON'T blind us with jargon. Our judges are seasoned marketing executives, agency principals and industry thought leaders. They'll see straight through marketing speak and unsubstantiated hype. Pitch them on the merits of your campaign using clear and simple communication.

DON'T assume the judges are superhuman. They work tirelessly to review your submissions but it is unlikely they will have time to go through reams and reams of superfluous information. So before you send your entry, try to put yourself in the shoes of the judges and imagine what it would be like to view your submission for the first time and have to score it in a limited period of time.

DON'T charge the intern with assembling your submission. Give it your personal attention. Make sure it's done right. Because if you don't, the judges will probably notice.

DON'T do it at the last minute. As with any marketing campaign, the more thought you put into it, the better your chance of success.

Event and entry information: Anthony Curry, 646-638-6009,
Sponsorship Opportunities: Greg Zalka, 646-638-6027,
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