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Shire is sponsoring six inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) fellowships that “will provide a year of training in the management of IBD to physicians who recently completed a fellowship in gastroenterology.” The fellowships will be housed at top medical institutions including Cedars-Sinai in LA, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai, the University of California San Francisco and University of Chicago Medical Center.

The trailer for Love and Other Drugs is out and early reviews suggest few side effects for pharmas. The movie, opening in November, is an adaptation of Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman, which skewered sales reps as being lazy and docs as being greedy. The big screen version seems to have jettisoned much of the book's hard-edged humor about industry marketing practices and work ethics for the softer focus befitting a romantic comedy starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

Procter & Gamble signed on to co-promote Somaxon Pharmaceuticals' sleep aid Silenor. The companies will field a sales force of 215 for the drug, targeting 35,000 high prescribers and 25,000 pharmacies. P&G will be paid fees and sales-based royalties and gets dibs on development of an OTC version.
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