TripBuilder targets docs with iFoldz

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Westport, CT-based TripBuilder, Inc., is determined to help drug and medical device companies educate physicians about new products while at the same time remain consistent with new PhRMA code guidelines.
TripBuilder's iFoldz combines a pharma company's message in a pocket-size, foldout credit card format. iFoldz is a communications vehicle for product launches, product instructions and safety information. 

TripBuilder officials claim that the iFoldz delivers a pharma company's educational message cost-effectively as well as fills a void in the market left by standard logoed items such as pens and mugs that have limited space to convey large amounts of information and do not have an educational component mandated by the new PhRMA  code. 

Steven Tanzer, EVP of TripBuilder said that the new PhRMA Code limits what drug companies can hand out to docs. “iFoldz are a fully PhRMA compliant and a memorable way to deliver the pharma company's message and it's fully consistent with the PhRMA code because the piece is 100% educational.” He noted that the compact size and expanding design allow for a large amount of custom information to fit into a pocket.  

Tanzer said that Roche has used iFoldz to deliver information on how to use its AccuCheck blood glucose system. Tanzer said that among other things, iFoldz can be used to target a specific medical niche such as diabetes specialists and deliver educational messages to physicians attending medical trade shows for instance. The compact format and size, said Tanzer, makes them very easy to hold on to and enhances retention.  

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