Dave Mihalovic

EVP, experience and innovation, Evoke Health

Q: What was your biggest break?

My most valuable break dates back to the early dot-com days. To make a long story short, Richard Branson signed my friends and me to release a product, which led to instant credibility and recognition.

 Q: What’s the best or worst part of your job?

When you love what you do, it’s hard to say there are any bad parts. The thing that frustrates me most is when a great opportunity backed by a great idea falls apart in execution. 

Q: How long is a typical meeting with clients?

I may meet with marketing teams, IT teams or regulatory teams and on average meetings last a couple hours—but can last a day. 

Q: Did college prepare you for your career?

I went to Rutgers and Par-sons for grad school. I studied not only advertising but also design technology, so yeah, it set me up perfectly. 

Q: What would the title of your book be?

One Wild Ride: Why a Career in Advertising Is Just Like Riding a Harley Cross-Country. Why? Because they’re both unpredictably exhilarating.