Wendy Levine, president, 21Grams

Most distinct aspect of your personal office

Well, right now the most distinct aspect of my personal office would be the amenities. Full kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area for late nights. Yeah, I basically move around my apartment with a laptop. 

If I wasn’t working in healthcare marketing, I’d be…

Giving this interview to someone else. I don’t know. Once you do the thing you love, it’s hard to imagine yourself doing anything else. I thought about making a change once and ended up right back here.

How do you explain what you do in layman’s terms?

My parents still have no idea, so I guess I haven’t found the right way to explain it yet. But on a good day, I help people connect with health the way they connect with sneakers (or any brand they love). Very much our 21Grams and W2O philosophy.

Weekday wakeup time

4:45 a.m.

What book are you reading?

Italian Short Stories edited by Jhumpa Lahiri.

Favorite TV guilty pleasure

If you’re trying to get me to say Tiger King like everyone else, I’m not going to do it! Truth is, I have never watched as much TV as I am watching now. So, TV in general is my guilty pleasure. I wanted to lie and say 90 Day Fiancé to fit in, but decided against it.

Favorite podcast

A good friend introduced me to Ologies with Alie Ward. It’s pretty amazing. 

Most notable tech you’ve bought that didn’t pan out

Everything made between two and five years ago.

Best tip for adjusting to working remotely/No. 1 thing that helps you maintain productivity when working from home

Continued focus on all the people in my personal and professional life – that’s where I get my energy from nowadays and I miss them all so much.

Prediction: 2020 will be the year of…

Appreciating normal. This is not our “new norm,” despite what the headlines say.