A major consideration for modern cosmetic procedures is how a patient looks and feels after the surgery.

To convey those crucial stories, The Aesthetic Society released the second part of its Beyond the Before and After docuseries Monday morning.

The series, sponsored by Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company, shines a light on four stories, including a grandmother pursuing a career as a comedian, two mothers looking to “live without limitations,” a young man’s effort to build his self esteem as well as a woman’s desire to achieve self-certainty.

“I’ve got my old self back,” said Sandi Marx, the grandmother who received a facelift during the series. “My first [comedic] performance post-surgery was like a heightened experience. It felt like a celebration.” 

The series is meant to empower and inspire people by showing how aesthetic plastic surgery can make physical and emotional differences for patients.

“Aesthetic surgery can be life-changing for how people feel about themselves,” said Kent K. Higdon, M.D., communications commissioner of The Aesthetic Society, in a statement. “Our film series shines a light on the aesthetic goals patients seek — sometimes subtle goals that often have a significant emotional impact on their lives.”

Beyond the Before and After was produced by creative consultant Laura Leatherberry and Greenpoint Pictures, a Brooklyn-based production company.

Allergan Aesthetics has had several notable projects as of late that seek to empower patients via the skincare field.

Earlier this year, Allergan Aesthetics launched its SkinMedica Even & Correct Collection, featuring a suite of products targeting hyperpigmentation. 

Months before, the company launched The DREAM Initiative (Driving Racial Equity in Aesthetic Medicine), supported by a partnership with Skinbetter Science to address systemic racism in the industry as well as make aesthetic products more inclusive for an increasingly diverse consumer base. 

“The decision to undergo an aesthetic procedure is a highly personal one and having a trusted relationship between patient and plastic surgeon can make the surgical experience incredibly empowering,” said Carrie Strom, president of global at Allergan Aesthetics and SVP at AbbVie, in a statement. “We are proud to continue to sponsor The Aesthetic Society with their effort to portray these real-life stories of patients pursuing positive changes in their lives.”

When it comes to embracing patient storytelling through the docuseries medium, Allergan Aesthetics also isn’t the only healthcare company producing their own content.

Earlier this year, Digital Health Networks, in partnership with Sermo and Earl Miller Productions, released the final segment of a three-part docuseries on Sermo CEO Peter Kirk’s journey from surviving leukemia to finishing the 2021 New York City Marathon.