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At eHealthcare Solutions (EHS), we create custom digital programs tailored to each client’s marketing goals. We then leverage the unparalleled reach of our exclusive ­relationships with the leading healthcare professional (HCP) societies, media companies and consumer health sites and combine it with our FocalPoint™ advanced ­targeting technology to deliver unmatched digital ­engagement of specific HCP and consumer audiences at the time and place when they are most interested in, and responsive to, relevant healthcare messaging. 


EHS combines innovative marketing tactics with ­cutting-edge technologies to create custom digital ­solutions. In addition to the basics such as rich media and interstitial advertising, we offer:

• Prescriber Authentication and message delivery to list-matched MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs

• FocalPoint™ Precision Geo-medical Targeting

• Informed Targeting—a sophisticated mix of ­interest-based, registration-driven, contextual and ­authenticated targeting

• Mobile messaging

• Video pre-roll and post-roll

• Custom Content Microsites

• Custom Content Infusion—Native advertising on ­premium brands

• Conference Connection Programs

• Email: Physician, HCP and condition specific ­consumer lists and newsletters

• Awareness Month Sponsorships

• Business Intelligence Briefcase of ROI Metrics


Custom Digital Programs: We are experts in ­digital healthcare marketing with decades of experience ­
building programs that drive results. We ­develop ­cutting-edge concepts into comprehensive digital ­programs that modify customer behavior and ­motivate action. At EHS, we deliver a blend of innovation and digital expertise mixed with targeted engagement ­opportunities for Maximum Brand Impact. 

Targeted Healthcare Advertising: Through over 400 websites who have 98% organic traffic, we provide unmatched access to physicians/HCPs and ­patients. EHS delivers high-value optimization using a sophisticated mix of targeting capabilities across our top-tier publisher partners. We deliver your message with pinpoint accuracy to maximize the return on your investment. 

What will be the game-changing trend over the next five years?

The continued growth of big data that ­enables advanced digital targeting capabilities, including prescriber authentication and geo-medical audience segmentation. ­Precision targeting delivers the right message to the right audience at the right time. Big data ­allows audience density to be segmented by diagnosed condition (Dx), by prescription (Rx) and by characteristic matching (Mx), which minimizes waste and increases targeted reach. The result is engaging target audiences with maximum efficiency.

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Sample Clients Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Companies, and other top-quality companies that target physicians, other healthcare professionals and health consumers.