Company Profile

EHS creates custom digital solutions designed to achieve specific marketing goals and reach defined target audiences. We partner with marketers who want to reach physicians, other healthcare professionals, and health consumers through our exclusive relationships with more than 75 of the leading HCP societies, associations, and media companies, consumer health sites, and other quality digital partners in the pharmaceutical/healthcare vertical. We are experts in digital healthcare marketing with decades of collective experience building programs that influence behavior and motivate action.

Services and Offerings

We combine trusted marketing tactics with cutting-edge digital technologies to create custom digital solutions. Components include:

  • Mobile
  • Video
  • Informed Targeting
  • Prescriber Authentication
  • Microsites
  • Rich Media Banner Ads and Interstitials
  • Emails
  • Sponsorships
  • ROI Metrics

Core Capabilities

  • Digital Programs: Success is about strategic convergence of the right media supporting the right message delivered to the right audience at the right time. To deliver effective digital connections, we first identify client goals and take a very consultative approach because collaboration is key for success.
  • Targeted Healthcare Advertising: We deliver unmatched digital reach to HCPs, unduplicated consumer audiences in key disease verticals, and over 130 million monthly ad impressions.
  • Informed Targeting: It’s no small task to maximize all available targeting methods in smart combinations for optimal results. Yet, we do that with every engagement. We deliver high-value optimization using a sophisticated mix across our top-tier publisher partners.
  • Maximum Brand Impact: We like to change things up—that’s how real results happen. And that means layering established marketing principles with innovative digital concepts designed to deliver Maximum Brand Impact.

What will be the game-changing trend over the next five years?

Targeting: Prescriber authentication, planning based on multifaceted insights, and optimized targeting will be essential. Dynamic, personalized creative will connect with targets through multi-dimensional media plans. Technology: Digital technology will establish the new ROI standard. Emerging technologies of geo-fencing in mobile, apps supporting patient adherence, nanorobotics, and HTML5 will hit hard. Transition: Old favorites will transition to new models. Highly credible publishers will syndicate content. Advertising will transform into informational services. Social media will become the new customer service model. Pharma will gain reputation as healer, not pill-pusher. Healthcare will shift to personalized medicine with accountable care, EMR data sharing, and disintermediation.

Address 810 Bear Tavern Road, Suite 102, Ewing, N.J. 08628 Phone (609) 882-8887 Website New Business Contact Robert Carmignani, EVP Sales & Marketing or (609) 882-8887 ext. 100 Year Founded 1999 Sample Clients Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device Companies, and other top-quality companies that target physicians, other healthcare professionals, and health consumers.