Ed Mitzen is the founder of Fingerpaint.

Commute difficulty

Negative four. I live six miles from my office in Saratoga Springs, New York, and with traffic it takes about nine minutes, unless there are racehorses crossing the road to train on the track. Then it may take 11 minutes.

Most distinct aspect of your personal office

Everyone at Fingerpaint works in cubes, but mine has the second base used during a Red Sox game I attended at Fenway Park on my 50th birthday.

Favorite TV guilty pleasure

I am an unapologetic Bravo fan. Whether it’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, The Real Housewives, or Below Deck, I love that channel.  

Book you’re in the middle of

My daughter Grace gave me Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt for Christmas, which I just started reading.


My late father, who passed away when I was 18. In those 18 years, he taught me the value of hard work and treating everyone, regardless of status, with respect, kindness, and compassion.

Biggest career lesson

When you surround yourself with wonderful, kind people who are smarter than you, great things will happen in your professional and personal life.

How do you explain what you do in layman’s terms?

I am the GM of the best team that is tasked with putting the greatest group on the field to educate physicians and patients about the latest medical advancements.

Most notable piece of tech you’ve ever bought that didn’t pan out

I once bought the largest iPhone available, which for someone who’s 5 feet 9 inches was akin to carrying around a small TV. I ended up giving it to our head of digital strategy and development, who is 6 foot 5 inches.

Prediction: 2019 will be the year of…

Political and economic chaos, but the sun will shine again.