Klick Health rolled out its generative AI tool Genome Perspective Thursday afternoon as a way to improve project planning and overcome repetitive parts of the process.

Genome Perspective is built on GPT-4 and utilizes Klick’s proprietary database filled with project planning questions that clients have raised to the 2023 MM+M Agency 100 honoree over the years.

The prompts are arranged hierarchically and the tool is calibrated to provide information and content in a relevant, practical way to its agency users. 

In function, Genome Perspective takes in a multitude of questions agency team members might have about a project type that has occurred over the years while receiving input of basic facts about the effort.

The tool then uses its AI capabilities to associate inputs with questions, answer those prompts and bring unanswered questions to the forefront for team members to answer. 

Genome Perspective, which can also auto generate project documents, is currently being piloted by a small number of Klick Health employees.

Thanks to the unprecedented rise in popularity of ChatGPT, generative AI continues to make waves in the minds of the general public and medical marketing agencies have taken notice.

Many firms have dabbled in using these innovative technologies to bolster their operations and some, like Klick, have made more sizable investments and commitments in the space.

The debut of Genome Perspective comes two months after the agency unveiled its free ChatGPT plug-in for U.S. life sciences companies. Klick noted that an improved version of KlickRx, using OpenAI’s GPTs, soft launched on Thursday.

The plugin, which is supported by Klick’s MedOcean database and brings together HCP payment data from various sources, allows healthcare professionals to obtain information within ChatGPT on industry payments using a national provider identifier number.

In discussing Genome Perspective, Klick Health’s EVP of applied sciences Alfred Whitehead said the tool is less focused on an external audience and instead centered on improving the internal work the agency does on behalf of clients.

Whitehead said the inception of this tool came from Klick’s multidisciplinary operations as an agency, where there are a litany of different team members and voices that need to come together to get a project off the ground. This can lead to inefficiencies that Genome Perspective is designed to sort through and reduce.

“What Klick is trying to do is use AI, not to answer questions or to retrieve information, but to represent the point of view of those people as we review a project plan,” he said. “The goal is to achieve better project planning upfront by making sure we have the information we need and lead to smoother execution throughout the whole life of delivery.”

Whereas a number of agencies have looked at generative AI in a literal sense of generating copy or images, Whitehead added that Klick is using the tech to identify patterns and complete the knowledge that team members already have.

Genome Perspective and the ChatGPT plug-in are also part of a series of innovative offerings the agency is working on, according to Klick Health’s SVP of information systems Curt Basher.

Without delving into the specifics, the two leaders said the agency is exploring opportunities in the technology to better organize operations and conduct work on behalf of clients.