As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps the industry in a state of flux, Fingerpaint has started conducting weekly HCP surveys designed to help clients stay informed about one of their most important audiences.

Each weekly survey focuses on a different topic, ranging from the state of the telemedicine union to doctors’ emotional well-being to pharma interactions. According to Michelle Petroff, head of Fingerpaint’s Conshohocken, PA, office, the initiative’s goal is to provide data snapshots that can inform clients’ HCP communications during an uncertain time.

“There’s so much information to distill right now,” she explained. “Our clients don’t have time to stay abreast of everything happening, and everything is changing so frequently. Something we felt we could do well is give our clients brevity with that snapshot of information.”

Petroff hopes the weekly surveys will shine a light on how doctors are feeling, their concerns about patients and the type of information they need. “The surveys are about understanding and having an empathetic view of where HCPs are from a mental and emotional state,” she continued. “What’s keeping HCPs up at night? How are they going to pay their bills and sustain their practices?”

One recent survey revealed that a majority of doctors (58%) are concerned about their patients’ long-term care, in large part because a similar percentage (53%) don’t think their patients are able to access telemedicine to continue their care during the pandemic. That same survey found that 66% of HCPs are anxious about COVID-19 as it applies to their practice and that 59% believe they won’t feel more hopeful for at least two to six months.

For pharma brand teams marketing to doctors amid the crisis, the Fingerpaint surveys shine a light on HCP information preferences during an unprecedented time.

“Brands have the opportunity to pivot from promotional messaging to being true brand partners and bringing HCPs the practical information they’re looking for,” Petroff said. “HCPs are looking for that information from any source they can get it. They are welcoming it from pharma and open to hearing from sales reps. It’s all about having the right tone and content.”