Glaukos wants young patients to have healthy eyes.

That’s why the ophthalmology company recently debuted WiseEyes, a 10-part YouTube series to educate young people about the risks associated with keratoconus (KC), an underdiagnosed, progressive eye condition that involves the cornea thinning and bulging.

Structured like a podcast, WiseEyes features two hosts discussing symptoms of the disease, how and why it manifests in certain patients and what can happen if it’s not treated.

Other topics explored in the series include managing your current vision with the condition, navigating insurance coverage and undergoing iLink corneal cross-linking, an FDA-approved procedure to slow or halt the progression of KC.

Lauren McBride, a marketing manager at Glaukos, told MM+M that the format of multiple short-form videos featuring easily understandable information was an intentional approach to achieve greater engagement from young patients.

McBride said that some patients may feel overwhelmed receiving a KC diagnosis and may not retain everything they heard in the doctor’s office, which is where WiseEyes fills in the gaps.

By taking the information found in patient brochures or on the company’s dedicated KC website, Glaukos was able to make more information about treating this condition more accessible.

“The idea stemmed from meeting them where they’re at, then they can take the videos home with them,” she said. “They don’t have to feel overwhelmed at the doctor’s office when they’re diagnosed. They can watch them at their leisure.”

The videos aren’t solely for patients, either.

McBride added that the company has heard from healthcare professionals at ophthalmology practices that have begun sending the videos to recently diagnosed patients so that they can better understand the forthcoming procedures.

The main message Glaukos wants patients – especially those between the target range of 14 and 35 years old – to realize is that KC isn’t a condition worth putting off. Since it’s progressive in nature, patients can lose vision month after month if they don’t work with their care team to get diagnosed and treated.

That’s why the company has done so much in terms of awareness campaigns around KC.

In May 2023, Glaukos launched The Rub campaign to draw attention to rubbing your eyes, which can be both a cause and symptom of KC. The campaign, which debuted during Healthy Vision Month, features a dedicated website that starts out with a quiz to see if your symptoms may be KC.

In addition to the video series, Glaukos has also produced printed materials featuring a scannable QR code that are located in the waiting rooms of doctors’ offices across the country to promote information about KC.

McBride said there aren’t immediate plans to create a second season of WiseEyes but said the company has considered other awareness campaign targets like caregivers who support adult patients living with the condition.