A few months after Metagenics and agency partner R/GA announced the start of their creative and strategic partnership, the organizations are set to debut a brand campaign, “The Science That Creates Balance.”

Metagenics is a nutraceutical manufacturer, producing dietary supplements and a range of pharmaceutical alternatives that, the company reports, have health benefits.

With “The Science That Creates Balance,” Metagenics hopes to position its supplements — which range from probiotics and menopausal symptom relief to products that promote healthy aging — as part of a whole-bod approach to health. It represents the company’s first campaign that explicitly targets consumers, as previous efforts focused on HCPs and their patients.

A brand video characterized Metagenics supplements as products that “release your inner power to heal.” It reported that the products are clinically tested and “trusted by doctors.”

“Metagenics gets to the root of whole-body health with pure, potent ingredients sourced from nature,” the video said. “Unlike some other supplements, Metagenics is scientifically designed to be completely absorbed, and start working in as little as 45 minutes, bringing your body back into balance for lasting well-being… [and] release your inner power to heal.”

With the brand campaign, Metagenics hopes to tout its scientific and nutritional bona fides, despite the fact that supplements and nutraceuticals are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and, as such, are not required to present clinical research that bolsters their product claims and benefits.

Metagenics began working with R/GA earlier this year. At the time, R/GA Health managing director Jacqueline Lovelock noted that the agency envisioned a communications strategy that would focus on the company’s commitment to quality products.

“Metagenics is a 40-year-old brand that is well-loved among a small group of people and we’re just looking for the opportunity to meet consumers where they are elevating the category to increasing expectations,” Lovelock said.

The “Science That Creates Balance” campaign consists of 20- and 30-second TV spots, social media ads and custom content for media partners. It will target consumer and HCP audiences between September and December. Next month, members of the Metagenics/RGA team will begin working with influencers in the women’s health space.