“It is treated like a curse.”

Women from around the world shared their experience living with advanced breast cancer (ABC) in an awareness campaign. While other breast cancer patients often get support from friends, doctors and the advocacy community, these women with ABC, a fatal untreatable form of the cancer, don’t see the same support.

The ABC Global Alliance has teamed up with WPP Health Practice, Sudler London and WG Access to develop the video and awareness campaign.

One woman in the video says doctors treat her like a “walking corpse.” Another says others believe they shouldn’t waste money to treat advanced breast cancer because “she’s going to die anyway.”

The video is meant to highlight the disparities among breast cancer patients. Those who have less severe forms of the illness receive vastly different support than those who are given a fatal diagnosis.

The ABC Global Alliance is also working to draw attention to the ABC Global Charter, meant to improve outcomes for people with advanced breast cancer. The charter aims to collect more data about ABC, improve quality of life for patients, improve communication skills for doctors that treat patients with ABC and counter the stigma for ABC patients by increasing public awareness, among other goals.

The ABC Global Alliance was established in 2016.