1. Researchers said that drugmakers that charge higher prices for drugs in the U.S. earn more than what they spend on global R&D. The  finding conflicts with the industry’s position that higher drug prices in the U.S. market fund R&D for new drugs. (Health Affairs)

2. WebMD launched a skill for Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices to answer basic health questions, like “Alexa, ask WebMD how to treat a sore throat” or “Alexa, ask WebMD what diabetes is.” (The Verge)

3. Three lawmakers requested that the Government Accountability Office examine the Orphan Drug Act over concerns about incentives awarded to drugmakers that bring to market therapies for rare diseases. (NPR)

4. The American Medical Association became the latest organization to take issue with the replacement legislation to the Affordable Care Act. It is the fourth physician group to come out against the American Health Care Act. (Bloomberg)

5. Whistleblowers are claiming that a prominent cancer researcher at Ohio State University overstated the therapeutic promise of his research and engaged in other forms of misconduct. (NYT)