Adam Pellegrini spoke about omnichannel health solutions at a Qualcomm Life event in 2014.

Fitbit hired Walgreens’ Adam Pellegrini as its new vice president of digital health.

Effective September 6, Pellegrini will be responsible for overseeing Fitbit’s products, information, data, and insights in clinical settings, the company said in a news release. He will also be tasked with developing partnerships with healthcare systems, payers, drugmakers, and medical device manufacturers, and working on disease management, insurance, and wellness programs.

Pellegrini comes from Walgreens Boots Alliance, where he has served as vice president of digital health for more than three years, according to his LinkedIn profile. At Walgreens, he led a program that integrated wearables such as Fitbit with the company’s Balance Rewards program, which offers customers incentives for making healthy choices such as cash rewards. Pellegrini has also held chief marketing officer roles at social engagement company SocialWellth and care coordination and management platform HealthyCircles, which was acquired by Qualcomm Life in 2013.

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“I see a tremendous opportunity for healthcare providers, health plans, and pharmaceutical companies to foster a more proactive, consumer-centric approach to healthcare using Fitbit’s products, software, services and extraordinary health brand,” Pellegrini said in the news release.

Fitbit said more than 200 clinical studies, ranging from breast cancer to surgical recovery, are using its technology. Biogen has used the wearable to better understand multiple sclerosis in patient studies, Boston Children’s Hospital is using it to increase physical activity among cystic fibrosis patients, and the University of California in San Francisco is using it for diabetes prevention among adolescents.

The company’s shares jumped 7% after it released its second quarter earnings on Tuesday, marking the first time investors responded positively since the company went public in June 2015.