Physicians Interactive, a digital physician-marketing firm, said it acquired Univadis, a medical information portal, to better service life-sciences companies as they consider moving to a more robust digital commercial model.

Physicians Interactive and Univadis are both owned by Merck. Financial terms of deal were not disclosed, Brian Robinson, chief marketing and strategy officer for Physicians Interactive, said in an email.

“As pharma companies shift to digital marketing from traditional analog channels, a lot of customers have the least confidence in digital,” Robinson said. “With the introduction of Univadis as one of PI’s primary assets, we can focus on … helping our customers to optimize their digital marketing model.”

Physicians Interactive has made two other acquisitions since Merck acquired the remaining shares of the company in 2013 for $97 million. (The drugmaker had previously held a 24% ownership interest in Physicians Interactive.)

In July, Physicians Interactive purchased Quantia—an online community for physicians—for an undisclosed sum. It also acquired Tomorrow Networks, a mobile healthcare advertising company, in 2014.

Univadis’s membership includes 3 million healthcare providers in 90 countries, according to a news release. It provides news, conference reports, references, textbooks and online education modules for healthcare providers.