As advertisers scrambled to comply with the Department of Health and Human Services rule requiring inclusion of list prices in TV drug ads (see timeline), the number of Form 2253 submissions advertisers filed with the FDA increased (see bar chart). Any firm revising its DTC spots, whether to include or remove pricing language, needs to submit the language under a Form 2253. Asked to further qualify the filings, the agency said that filings for consumer-directed promotional pieces rose to 3,301 in June vs. 3,114 the same month last year, and to 1,494 in first-half July vs. 1,359 for that same year-ago period.

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Number of Form 2253 submissions filed with the FDA

This article was updated to characterize the change in the volume of 2253 filings as an “increase” rather than a “spike,” as well as to add the context around the nature of the filings for June and first-half July.