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McCann Erickson HumanCare and Galderma Laboratories
Oracea Skin In Sync Print

Galderma’s Oracea treats rosacea, a skin condition that results in raised bumps and blemishes. The product launched in 2006, and McCann Erickson HumanCare explained that while it is efficacious and safe with proven benefit, it was not seeing an uptake in the market.

“Millions of rosacea suffers are quick to acknowledge their ongoing battle with their skin despite the fact that many are unaware of the specific condition,” the agency said. “Many suffers believe they have some form of acne and try OTC products or make-up to cover the bumps and blemishes, but they repeatedly fail because they don’t realize it comes from below the surface.”

To drive product demand, the ads needed to educate consumers about the disease state. They also needed to be sensitive to the fact that the condition upsets and frustrates patients.

“Rosacea is an extremely emotional condition that make suffers feel self conscious, embarrassed and conspicuous,” the agency explained. “Most rosacea suffers are successful in all other aspects of their lives, which is why the distraction of rosacea is so frustrating. Since our society is inherently focused on appearance, sufferers feel as though all eyes are on their imperfections. They wonder why their skin has betrayed them and why it is the one aspect of their lives that remains unsettled. Oracea wanted to be the brand to offer hope.”  

The ads feature sensitive drawings of people with the condition and an illustration of how the product works under the skin at the root of the problem.

Judges found the campaign “unique” and “creative.” One praised it for “demonstrating the condition without making it unnecessarily heavy,” adding that a product demonstration was educational and added credibility. “Nice tie-in to TV,” noted another. “Very charming execution that would make a reader stop to read more.”

ICC and Food Allergy Initiative
Lobster Food Allergy Awareness Ad

ICC has consistently delivered outstanding work for the Food Allergy Initiative, creating powerful ads that quickly convey the danger of food allergies. This year’s entry focused on shellfish allergies by cleverly using a lobster, bold red and black colors and two simple white dots to depict a demon face. The tagline drives home the message. Judges loved it. “Great, really impactful and creative use of the lobster,” noted one. “The striking visual has stopping power and supports the seriousness of the message,” commented another.