MM&M’s and PRWeek’s Health Influencer 50

MM&M and PRWeek editors convened to select 50 battle-tested pros who are changing the healthcare game, whether by working to resuscitate the industry’s battered reputation to focusing on patient stories and brand marketing. 


As well as the Health Influencer 50 list, a set of features published by both magazines will also explore some of the industry’s top marketing and communications concerns, whether pharma’s shift to storytelling will help address its pricing woes, how health technology plays an ever-growing role in delivering care more effectively, and how pharma, insurers, and HCPs must adapt their messaging to engage millennials.

The Health Influencer 50 list will be revealed over the course of the next five days. Feel free to share the profiles of your colleagues and peers across social networks, using #Healthinfluencer50. 

Starting October 26, we will release the list on a daily basis in increments of 10, with the top 10 being revealed on November 1.

The Health Influencer 50

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MM&M’s and PRWeek’s features …

Drugmakers, facing pricing criticism, sell cures in new ads

With lawmakers, patients, and physicians crying foul over pricing, drugmakers are trying to shift the narrative — with mixed results. Can a new focus on storytelling help?

3 health tech innovations experts say will revolutionalize healthcare

As digital-health funding increases, here’s how VR, nanotechnology, and 3D printing could potentially improve the value of healthcare. 

Insurers seek to challenge millennial ‘invincibility’

Tech companies and Bernie Sanders have found the millennial audience easy to crack. Organizations in and around healthcare? Not so much