The Oncology Nurse Advisor, published by MM&M‘s parent company Haymarket Media, is poised to acquire 1,200 to 1,500 new subscribers. Triggering the influx is the collaboration between Oncology Nurse Advisor and the National Coalition for Oncology Nurse Navigators, which became official in October.

The agreement makes ONA the coalition’s official publication. The collaboration also puts the annual NCONN conference in Haymarket’s hands. The publisher is looking at New York and Philadelphia as possible venues for the event.

Nurse Navigators are case workers who help patients understand their disease and their treatment programs. Haymarket’s digital products VP James Burke tells MM&M that this role will increase in importance, as nurse navigators become “an integral part of the oncology treatment team . . . we wanted to be on the ground floor of that.”

Haymarket Oncology’s publisher Chad Holloway tells MM&M in an email that Oncology Nurse Advisor‘s print and online reach has been growing—the website and app garner around 90,000 page views a month. The free app, which addresses conditions including prostate cancer and ovarian cancer, offers benefits such as continuing education credits, oncology news and breakthrough treatment regimens. Holloway says the partnership will get ONA resources in more hands and provide NCONN members with “a valuable resource for clinical updates and evidence-based guidelines.”