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I have always loved the sucker punch of a wittily conceived and finely crafted print ad. Print, as they say, is the purest form of advertising, and it will always hold a tender place in my heart. But amidst the latest rush of award-winners from around the globe, the immersive ideas were the ones that really got me excited. These multi-dimensional, surroundsound experiences suck you right in for living, breathing engagement.

• #Lifesaver
Every year, thousands of people die because the people around them lack basic lifesaving skills. This crisis simulator uses interactivity and film to teach CPR on smartphone or tablet. It creates a real sense of pulse-raising alarm, as the user is forced to make quick decisions in emergency situations to save a life.

• #Super Formula to Fight Cancer
Beginning chemotherapy is scary for anyone, but particularly for children. A.C. Camargo Cancer Center collaborated with Warner Bros. to turn medications into SuperFormula, developing superhero IV bag covers and a story around them, in which characters go through an experience similar to the patient’s and recover their strength. With comic books, animations and a new look for the pediatric ward, SuperFormula inspires children to believe in the cure.

• #Red Cross Connection
This app engaged a new generation of blood donors. Its success lies in specificity: it sends alerts for blood types only as they are needed, recognizing that we are much more likely to get involved when there’s a problem only we can fix. Whether it’s your blood type or not, you always hit “share,” recruiting your social network to find potential new donors.

• Immortal Fans
This campaign encouraged soccer fans to become immortal by registering as organ donors. People waiting for transplants promise that their “heart will always beat for Sport Club Recife.” Couple that with the passion of fans for whom “Sport Club Recife is everything,” and you’ve got an emotional powder keg of an idea. Over people registered for a card and organ donation in Brazil increased by 41%.

• Get Well Kit
Our smartphones are extensions of ourselves and this compliance solution is the first to fully act on that insight. The app technology is simple—it sends out alerts when a dose is due—but the iPhone case pillbox makes it so damn smart, immersing us in our healthcare via the device that never leaves our side.

• The Hair Fest
The Hair Fest is the first music festival in the world where the ticket is hair, donated to make wigs for low-income children undergoing chemotherapy. In just one day, metalheads lopped off enough hair for over a hundred wigs, equivalent to one year of donations. Rock on.