Although barely a year has passed since Pfizer ushered in the era of the downsized sales operation with the announcement that it would cut its reps by 20%, already the strategy back then of striving to be the biggest seems strangely outdated. But while the market for extra bodies in the field may be waning, there are plenty of other services in hot demand by pharmaceutical sales forces.

Doing more with less means increasing efficiency and that can demand  better research, analysis, planning and segmentation, or the implementation of the latest interactive detailing technology.  That’s not to say there is no longer a demand for call centers, sample management and fulfillment, sales rep training and contact management systems…

On the following pages is a directory of firms offering a variety of sales support planning and analytics services—from conventional call centers and contract sales forces to state-of-the-art tracking software and innovative rep training programs.

For further information on these companies and products, please refer to the 2007 Pharmaceutical Marketers Directory, from which most of the information in this section was derived.

Details of how to obtain a copy of the PMD can be found on page 4 of this issue (below the “Contributors” section). For listings information and opportunities, call Suzanne Besse at (561) 237-6122 or email