Company Profile

Cello Health Insight is an award-winning market research agency specializing in the healthcare sector. Our experienced team works regularly with Global Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, designing customer insight research that delivers compelling results and real value.

By drawing upon the wider capabilities of Cello Health (Cello Health Consulting and Cello Health Communications), we’re in the perfect position to look at complex marketing challenges through “multiple lenses.” This fusion of expertise gives us a broader view of commercial and clinical success and enables us to provide a greater breadth of services to help support critical decision making.


We cover a broad range of business challenges across market understanding, positioning, segmentation and brand communications. When it comes to conducting customer insight research, we offer cutting-edge qualitative and quantitative solutions to guide and support your business decision making and to inform your multichannel marketing strategies. 

Advances in digital technology are bringing fresh opportunities and challenges to the pharmaceutical space and a new dimension to multichannel marketing. At Cello Health Insight, we’re embracing these new digital channels to design a range of approaches that can help our clients excel in this emerging arena and understand whether their digital offerings are able to meet genuine needs.

The project objectives we might typically explore include:

• Which channels are customers currently engaging with most and which channels are they open to in future?

• How are customers currently engaging with pharma through digital channels?

• What does your customer’s use of digital look like, including technology adoption and preferred digital channels?

• What value can pharma provide through digital—what do customers expect (keeping up with competitors) vs. what will set you apart (keeping ahead of the competition)?

The right customer insight is crucial to this process and we deliver research that guides the development, then evaluates the success of digital pharma initiatives. This includes:

• eDetail aid development and campaign evaluation (including iPad campaigns)

• Mobile apps for patients and HCPs

• Promotional websites / portals

• Online education, reference and support services for patients and HCPs

Ask us how we can help you optimize your multichannel marketing strategy!

Address: 256 West 38th Street, Floor 15, New York, NY 10018

Phone: 646-837-8151


New Business Contact: Paul Eccles

Year Founded: 1983

Employees: 120

Parent Company: Cello Group plc

Office Locations: New York, Chicago, London