Greg Matthews
managing director, healthcare and founder, MDigitalLife at W2O Group

Matthews is generally heralded as the mind behind MDigitalLife, an analytics tool that maps the digital footprint of 871,000 doctors, patients, advocacy groups, and media outlets in order to better track digital trends for healthcare companies. As far as these tools go, MDigitalLife has proven a huge hit: W2O says it is used by 70% of big pharma companies across 75 countries.

Matthews also provides strategic counsel to healthcare companies worldwide, including hospital systems, health insurers, pharma and biotech manufacturers, medical device companies, health IT companies, and consumer health companies. He works closely with physicians, helping them safely and effectively activate online networks.

Matthews recently helped a large pharma company create a new model that takes into account traditional KOL metrics, as well as online impact and online influence, to more accurately estimate an HCP’s level of influence. The mapping results are then used to drive all content-creation and influencer-outreach efforts.