Justin Chase
EVP and head, innovation and media at Intouch Solutions

Chase boarded the health tech bandwagon before just about anyone else. Early in his career, he launched Hypertonic, an agency that sought to educate pharma on current and emerging social ideas, research, insights, and activations.

Following stints at MDC and Makovsky, Chase settled in at Intouch as the agency’s in-house innovation guru. During his tenure, his group has created AI and virtual reality experiences designed to enhance the relationships between and among patients, HCPs, and pharma marketers.

A recent VR-based program to which Chase contributed helped macular degeneration patients more effectively communicate symptoms to their HCPs and caregivers. He has also endeavored to integrate AI contextual relevance to clients in patient and HCP chat interfaces, a newly popular trend in doctor-patient interaction.

Chase also ranks among the industry’s most articulate and enthusiastic evangelists. He has led client innovation labs and workshops and presented at a range of health events, including the Frontiers Health Conference in Berlin and Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia.