At Insitro, Daphne Koller and her team are applying machine learning and related technologies to leverage biomolecular data toward a goal of developing new drugs faster. With more than $100 million in recently raised capital, and a new discovery deal with Gilead, she’s turning the corner.

Koller, an expert in machine learning and its application to biology and human health, founded the San Francisco-based organization in early 2018. In a conversation with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Koller said that humankind is in a “new epoch of science in biodata with the ability to not only measure biology at scale, but also interpret the outcomes and then engineer those systems and achieve better outcomes for people.”

Before founding Insitro, Koller cofounded and served as president of Coursera, an online educational platform. Before that, she was chief computing officer at Calico, the Alphabet-

backed venture led by Genentech chief Art Levinson. She has also spent 18 years on the computer science faculty at Stanford University.