Under Deborah Kilpatrick’s leadership, Evidation Health has built a diverse virtual pool of research participants through its proprietary app, Achievement. Evidation’s research is powered by 2 million app users who generate data from their smartphones, wearables and medical devices.

Using a data platform it launched last year, Evidation has partnered with healthcare organizations to diagnose diseases earlier, select interventions more intelligently and measure health outcomes with greater accuracy. Evidation’s data platform has the ability to process high frequency, multisource sensor and behavioral data from 100 different sources, including Apple Health, Dexcom and Fitbit.

In the past year, Evidation has worked with Eli Lilly, Sanofi and other groups across multiple therapeutic areas, ranging from cardiovascular disease and chronic pain to rheumatoid arthritis and depression.

Kilpatrick is also a cofounder of the MedtechVision Conference, now held annually in Silicon Valley.