While digital tactics have improved the cost-effectiveness of clinical trial recruitment, a persistent problem remains when a sponsor recruits for a single trial: namely, the possibility that a patient will fail his or her screening. If the patient doesn’t qualify for that trial, there is no next step.

Enter Laurent Schockmel. He took the helm of Antidote in 2018 with the goal of harnessing technology to improve the way that researchers recruit patients. Over the past year, Antidote has been building its clinical-trial-matching engine, Antidote Match, for sponsors to leverage so that patients can be screened across multiple trials in a particular program. Using this technology, pharma companies and other trial sponsors benefit from operational and opportunity cost savings. And patients enjoy a better experience — if they’re being screened for multiple studies, it’s more likely that they’ll qualify for one.

Prior to arriving at Antidote, Schockmel held management positions at organizations such as Truveris, IMS Health and Gemini Consulting.