Marc Speichert’s resume is practically a list of best-in-class Fortune 500 companies. At

Colgate-Palmolive, he built brands across a range of CPG categories and geographies. At L’Oréal, he created a CMO function at a company that never had one.

GSK was a client during his tenure at Google’s global client and agency solutions division. After learning more about the company and about a healthcare market

that he felt was “one of the few spaces left that’s super-ripe for disruption,” as he said to MM&M last August, Speichert accepted an offer from GSK in February 2017.

The effects of Speichert’s tenure at GSK are profound and far-reaching. He led a team that built one of big pharma’s most ambitious innovation hubs and reorganized GSK’s marketing operation to eliminate silos and better align personnel.

He told MM&M that one of his proudest achievements was developing the infrastructure that allowed GSK to flex its digital muscle while creating efficiencies.