A few days after writing that packaging was the best creative work being done in the cannabis space, I happened upon this brilliant bit of work from the Lowell Herb Company. Lowell is a California-based organic cannabis farm that specializes in pre-rolled joints, which it packages in cool, convenient cardboard packs that protect the product inside while offering a spot-on identity for its brand—natural, connected to the earth and honest as the day is long. 

The outer casing is fairly rigid and houses a sleeve that holds six spliffs, a small bunch of matches and a strike board to help ignite them. The logo features an engraving of a farmer with a bull’s head, because, well, because it looks cool—and also because the founder of the farm was nicknamed “Bull.” The package is an update on two stand-bys: the classic flip-top cigarette pack of old (think Marlboro Reds) or a deck of playing cards. It’s discrete, slips easily into your jeans pocket or a laptop bag. Very well done.