health influencer 50 2018

The third annual list of healthcare industry heavyweights assembled by the editors of MM&M and PRWeek—the Health Influencer 50—has made its debut.

The 50 profiles comprising the list, along with special features, thought leadership pieces, and partner content, appear on a sleek, unified website, accessible at:

Thanks to a democratization of the qualities needed to be an Influencer, this year’s list looks somewhat different from the prior two iterations. Indeed, the list represents a challenge to the healthcare hegemony of old, as new entrants seek to overturn healthcare’s familiar and in many ways inefficient business models. Many come from within the traditional “4 Ps” of product innovator, provider, payer, and patient, as well.

“These execs are bringing modern marketing skills and inspirational leadership to accelerate the digital transformation,” says Marc Iskowitz, editor-in-chief of MM&M. “It’s all about leveraging cross-disciplinary learnings, and real empathy for those receiving or delivering care, at this unique moment in time when medicine and technology are converging.”

Given the general state of disruption in healthcare, no one has a solid idea of what players will dominate in the future. An accompanying feature, aptly titled “The New Influencer,” reveals some of the essential qualities needed. And, since standing behind every Influencer is often another person of influence, the content package also includes insight into who inspires these honorees. 

“Our third annual Health Influencer list proves it’s an environment where some of the most disruptive and compelling storylines are playing out,” said Steve Barrett, VP and editorial director for PRWeek and MM&M. “As new players enter the marketplace and threaten established ways of doing things, you can be sure smart and effective communications and marketing will be more important than ever in this fast-moving world.”