Advertisers can now use AI to generate image variations of human-made creative on Meta’s platforms, the company announced on Tuesday.

Brands can upload their original creative to Meta’s Ads Manager, which will create automated variations. In the coming months, advertisers will be able to input text prompts to get more specific variations on their creative, Meta told journalists at a press event in New York City.

Advertisers will not be able to generate images using only a text prompt, nor will they be able to use the image variation tool for political ads.

AI in Meta’s platforms can also now overlay text on images in a variety of fonts. Last week at the IAB NewFronts, Meta announced that it’s applying AI-powered Image Expansion used on Advantage+ creative to Facebook and Instagram Reels, allowing brands to automatically resize the same image to fit different aspect ratios across its platforms.

On the text generation front, brands can now use AI within Meta’s platforms to create variations for ad headlines and primary text. Sometime within the next year, Meta said it will build this feature into its new large language model, Llama 3, which should make text variations more accurate, said John Hegeman, VP of monetization at Meta.

Hegeman also stated that Meta will have more to share regarding how these AI ads will be labeled soon.

All of the new AI features will be available in Meta’s Ads Manager through Advantage+ creative.

Meta also revealed that it’s expanding its test of Meta Verified for businesses on Facebook and Instagram beginning in Australia and New Zealand. It will eventually introduce four Meta Verified plans: Business Standard, Business Plus, Business Premium and Business Max. 

It will soon expand the test further to Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France and Italy. Meta Verified is also coming to businesses on WhatsApp.

This article originally appeared on Campaign US.