According to the results of a new study, about 45,000 US physicians meet via online video with sales reps, and more than 300,000 have shown interest in interacting with sales or other company representatives online.
Data from the study by Manhattan Research reveals that physicians who are already engaged in video detailing with sales reps are, for the most part, highly satisfied with their experience. This attitude may help to explain why these physicians are consistent users — physicians already participating in live video detailing sessions – do so with an average of seven sales reps per month. According to Manhattan Research, some pharmaceutical companies are already including this communication strategy in their plans.

Montreal-based Aptilon, a provider of alternative sales channels and online physician access programs, recently added two additional top 10 global pharma companies as clients of their AxcelRx Live video detailing service.

Meredith Abreu Ressi, vice president of Research at Manhattan Research, said that incorporating live video details in the physician-sales rep relationship can be a win-win for both groups. Ressi added said that depending on the company, it can be a cost-effective strategy for sales forces looking to reach physicians spread out over a wide territory, and physicians enjoy the flexibility and interactive features the sessions offer.