RevHealth today named Ben Beckley as CEO. Beckley, most recently global president of Evoke Mind + Matter, previously held leadership roles at Havas Health & You and Precisioneffect.

Beckley arrives 18 months after RevHealth was acquired by PE firm WindRose Health Investors. RevHealth’s trio of managing partners — founders Bruce Epstein, Bruce Medd and Brian Wheeler — are now members of the agency board.

The start of Beckley’s tenure coincides with the debut of an updated website and new branding, which is intended to reflect the evolution of RevHealth’s culture. The company has grown considerably in recent years: Per the 2023 MM+M Agency 100 revenue chart, Rev Health saw revenue surge by 20% in 2022, to $58.2 million. Clients include Amgen, Daiichi Sankyo, Regeneron, Ortho Dermatologics and Sanofi.

That trajectory clearly appealed to Beckley, as did similarities to the unifying role he played when Evoke brought together Cambridge BioMarketing, Pegasus and Ashfield Digital and Creative under the Mind + Matter banner.

“Building-type projects like that are what I love,” he said. “I like to roll up my sleeves. When the RevHealth opportunity came on the radar, it felt very familiar to me.”

Beckley credited RevHealth’s founding trio for having created a “remarkable foundation” and characterized the organization as “a bespoke agency with tons of additional potential.” 

While he was familiar with RevHealth prior to his arrival (“I saw them all the time at competitive pitches”), Beckley wasn’t fully aware of the full breadth of its capabilities.

“What amazed me was how much we have in-house,” he recalled. “Market access, patient advocacy, omnichannel… You turn around your chair and you can have all sorts of conversations.”

Beckley believes that clients have long since gotten the memo. “I was at a meeting last week in California — it was the third client I’ve met. I asked her why she picked RevHealth and she said, ‘Medical, marketing and market access,’” he recalled. “She essentially repeated our value proposition back to me. That was music to my ears.”

In the months ahead, look for RevHealth to further refine that proposition as well as “the delivery of our brand to our clients,” as Beckley put it.

“Pitches are a theatrical spectacle that come down to, ‘Do you want to work with us?’ It’s not just, ‘Are you smart?’ or, ‘Are you creative?’” he continued. “I want to refine how we show up and package ourselves. Are we dynamic? Do we read off a slide or do we truly present?

“We check the box on every discipline and capability you can imagine. We better be checking off the box of, ‘Are we entertaining and enjoyable?’”