Stryker Medical Devices has successfully capitalized on demography and media habits with their new DTC campaign for the GetAroundKnee knee replacement.

Demography: Boomers whose joints are starting to wear out.

Media Habits: This is the biggest TV cohort—and don’t forget they’re also the Pepsi Generation that refuses to grow up or face slowing down. They also believe technology can solve all problems

Given these facts, Stryker delivers a very effective campaign for this target audience. In one of three executions, it entices viewers with a nostalgic bike-riding scene featuring a Schwinn cruiser being pedaled through suburbia. Other ads include an SUV (Chariot of the Boomers) and, of course, bowling (strictly post-modern).

In all of the ads, the case is made for the advantage and smoothness of circular motion. This imagery leads us to an illustration that demonstrates the advantages of the GetAroundKnee’s functionality. This high-tech comparative “evidence” reassures Boomers about the validity of the brand. The commercials’ call-to-action, “Ask if it’s right for you,” is conversational and points to the necessary physician consultation.

The overall approach of the campaign seems to be soft sell backed by hard facts—probably a great way to talk to Boomers who are watching TV. The Stryker website is also very low-key with few flourishes. The best part is the location finder to help engage with a doc about those creaky joints.

Deborah Dick-Rath is the President of Epic Proportions, a Healthcare Communications Consultancy. She can be reached at [email protected]